Zimbabwe`s PVC and HDP plastic pipe producing giant Pro Plastics, has launched a new high-tech PVC plant a.k.a ‘the new kid on the block’ which is expected to boost the company`s production capacity as well as its competitiveness on the local and international market.

Through a speech read by the Director of Legal Advisory Services in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Mr Katiyo, Honorable Mike Bimha applauded Pro Plastics for reaching such a milestone.

“I commend Pro Plastics for investing US$1.3 million into the new plant.

“And I also edge other players in the industry to emulate Pro Plastics”, said Honorable Mike Bimha.

Speaking to Esaja.com after the event, CEO of Pro-Plastics Kuda Chigiya gave insights on how the newly acquired machine will impact the company`s production capabilities.

“The machine is going to replace other machines that we acquired in the 1980s and it is economically designed to suit our needs.

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